Davina Michelle Biography

Born on November 12th, 1995 in the bustling port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Davina Michelle was born with a passion to sing. Happily raised by her parents, Astrid and Simon in a small town just outside of Rotterdam, Davina realized at a young age that singing was something she really enjoyed.

At the age of four, I was a big fan of pop superstar Britney Spears and I knew all of her songs and dances. While other children my age were playing house, I was pretending to be her and performing her songs in front of my family and friends.” 

But even though she loved the feeling of performing and singing, Davina did not come from a family of musicians, and as a result, didnt think to pursue her talent. She simply loved to sing.

As Davina got older, she became captivated by singers like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. Their ability to put her exact feelings into words and truly convey emotions made her realize the true power of music.

Her friends and family started encouraging her to put her talent to use, but Davina still was unsure about pursuing a career in music.

 A dream like that seemed pretty surreal. I wasnt sure if my sound would be appreciated by people other than my friends and family.

But Davina decided to take a leap of faith and test the waters by recording short videos of herself singing while around the house. Some of the videos ended up on her Facebook, where Davinas production team, the Sub-Bass Music Group, heard her sing for the first time. It didnt take long before they invited her to come by their studio.

Once I was there I instantly knew I was in the right place. 

From there, they decided to create a YouTube channel to get Davina out there and build a fanbase, with the goal that once she released original music she would be able to share it with her many enthusiastic followers.

On April 3rd, 2017, Davina Michelle posted her first cover to her YouTube channel, where she was met with some initial praise. From then on, her team would upload a cover of a current popular song every Monday. Still to this day, they havent missed a week!

A few months in, recording artist P!nk watched her cover of What About Usand was blown away, even saying This is better than I will ever sound.and wondering if Davina Michelle was an actual recording artist that makes and puts out records.The video, posted online by Glamour USA, went viral and Davina began to see a significant increase in subscribers to her YouTube Channel.

The story did not go unnoticed by the Dutch Press and she was invited by major television shows and starting performing all across The Netherlands. Even though she was honored to be welcomed into the Dutch Industry, Davina still dreamed about America. So when she was invited to perform at a few events in June 2018 in America, she jumped at the opportunity.

Upon returning to The Netherlands, the American dream had caught her and she immediately returned a few weeks later to write with Native for her upcoming album that will release in October.

Davina Michelle is fighting her way into the music industry without a music label, which makes the road to success a bit more challenging, but also a lot of fun.

 I get to develop myself and my sound as an artist and sometimes that means playing around with a lot of different styles of music.

 Ultimately, Davina wants to make relatable music that empowers people, even if that means going against the grain and creating her own space as she goes. Her combination of pop and soul into a tasteful, yet sultry mix is sure to captivate the hearts and souls of many.

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